Original Artwork for the walls in your life
Original Artwork, fine art photography, limited editions, prints, posters, bulk discounts and custom wall decoration. We operate our own lab for work up to a certain size and use a national lab for specific, larger work.

We also do custom photography in our studios, in the field, or your home or location.
We have facilities in the Boston, New York City, New England and SW Florida areas

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"When we decorate with fine art we enhance the quality of our daily life in a way language alone can't. Only in photography does science and art come together to turn light into something magical...". and that's how I usually start a seminar I teach on Photographing for Wall Decor.

I take photographs because I have to. It's a need to capture the magic around us. I have been taking photographs since I was 11. My cameras have changed a great deal, but the goal remains the same, to capture that magical moment in a way only a photograph can.

"It all starts with light captured at the blink of an eye or lavishly longer. Photography (writing with light) is part art, part science, and all magic. Like a time machine, photographs can be frozen memories that bring us back in time, launch our imagination or stir powerful emotions... Add purposeful artistic interpretation in the lab and the photographs can become fine art." and so continues the workshop class.

That's where ♡you♡ come in, to find which image pleases and challenges *your* heart and senses, creating that special feeling for yourself or for a gift . Each of my prints is professionally processed and handmade so we can work together. Just contact me or request a custom job. Or changes to existing ones. Or do a personal shoot.

All my work is guaranteed 100% original and fade-proof, printed using the highest quality materials at the most reasonable cost possible.
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See us at the January 2015 SW Florida Art Show (more information coming soon)

Honorable mentions in National Geographic contests and site.

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